Games Jam

I briefly popped into Europe’s Largest Games Jam 2015 (basically I was at work). A colleague of mine was making a game for it and i said I would do him a ship. It resulted in this [pretend there are stars].  I’d render more … like the rest of the ship but I’m hungry and there are wolves chasing me.


Ship render

Swimmer Update V.5

Just having a play about with my low poly mesh. Got this sukka down to 12K triangles so I was rather happy with that. Now the ultra lame task of rigging and skinning.

Like a cunning fool I set the edge padding to on 4 so there are some very uncouth seems in UE4 when I am further away from the model.

Secret Asian

Swimmer update


Swimming Costume update

T-pose swimmer

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I have been nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for awareness into how ALS can almost feel.

I would like to thank Miss Cooper for the nomination however I will be respectfully declining to take part. It isn’t because I feel that this is a fad or that it is beneath me because I’m such a cool meta hipster (ahaaa).

I seldom let slip the serious inner workings of my mind or my home life, however as an explanation I feel I owe in declining to take part I will disclose that there are a fair number of disorders both mental and physical that I have had a very real and close encounters with, in my family and friends.

It is to those life degrading and crippling disorders that have made life so so difficult for not only those affected by them, but also those who support them that I would like to raise awareness for few of them:


Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT)

This is a pretty shitty disease afflicting the protein layer around your nervous system. Effectively over a period of time your muscles are unable to send and received motor-neuron pluses and so after laying dormant or just not used as much they begin to waste away. On the plus side it may force a future similar to Ghost in the Shell.

Luckily for me after having my DNA tested I escaped acquiring the gene that causes this. Which mean sadly I will have to pay allot of money in the future to become an augmented-cybernetic human.


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Not a disease but a very terrible condition that can wipe away an entire life’s worth of memories, emotions and social abilities. Most commonly caused by an unprecedented force to the head from an accident or assault. This one can hurt those around the victim more than it can the victim themselves.



A disease little understood by those who have not experienced it and very hard to describe to others by those who have it. Depression can affect anyone for various reason and the results of depression vary from person to person, simply it can be as annoying as feeling tired all the time to sadly thinking about suicide and death.

I would also point out that it subcategorised into separate areas, most notably:

Seasonal affective Disorder (SAD)

Postnatal Depression

Bipolar Disorder (manic depression)


Heart Disease

Something that can turn a family’s world upside down or even end it for the individual. In the UK alone there are over 3 million people whom have experienced effects from heart related issues (Coronary heart disease: CHD, Heart attack: myocardial infarction or Stroke). The medical treatment and prevention is getting there but will need continued support to see it beaten.



The most thought about and talked about evil in the 21st Century. So why mention it? Well cancer (specifically Leukaemia) has claimed a few members of my family those closest to me being both my Grandma and Grandfather on my Father’s side when I was 10 and soon it will claim another very close to me – at that point it will devastate me 😦 and I will resort to build a actual fortress of solitude located somewhere in the Arctic Circle. I have also seen it beaten which is awesome 😀 and I hope as funding continues and the research gets done, the statistics will be ever higher to survive and prevent it.


There are a great many more I could mention here, but this in particular are the ones that have affected me or mine over the 26 times I have travelled around the sun, I’m sure there will be more to deal with too. With support from people to either the research organisation, charities or just the person/s afflicted, I am also sure the world can be a better place as well.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Feel free to share it. I do not wish for any money to be donated to any charity, that is up to you what you do with your money.

I for one will be buying some chocolate and eating it.


T-pose render

Bracing myself to turn this into something silly. . .


Profiling Renders

Just a test render set for overall assessment of the model for further adjustments (basically I’m working out if I like the model or not).



Test Renders for adjustments

Kill it with FIRE!!!


6 seconds of your life you wont get back

Test turntable for my Asian female. Link here>>

Render here:
Asain Woman

This page might crash or take a few minutes to load – WordPress doesn’t like the image res.

I have been watching rather a lot of UFC, MMA, Tough-n-uff fights recently. I thought the women’s fights were just… better, more brutal and aggressive. So I decided to model my own fighter; Chinese just because I could.

The clothing is the initial block out. All excuses made now look at it:

UFC initial

Whether I finish it or not is another matter, like so many of my other little projects.

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